Bill Solz is a licensed clinical social worker and credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor, and was recognized in 2013 by NASW as Nassau County’s Social Worker of the Year. He has also been the director of Stress Solutions of Long Island, for the past 30 years, now with offices in Garden City and NYC. He is also certified in both anger management, EMDR, and Havening, along with being trained in domestic violence. During this time he has been working with children, adolescents, and their families where he has specialized in promoting stress reduction, addressing addictions, trauma, and parenting concerns.
Bill utilizes several different treatment approaches to afford his clients quick symptom relief and comprehensive healing. He also offers court approved programs in terms of DWI and anger management. In addition he had also served as director of CHANGES! for five years which dealt with men who were engaged in power and control, along with the abuse of their partners. He is also now a retired school social worker having served with the Department of Education for 26 years. He is a former faculty member at Adelphi University’s School of Social Work having taught at the graduate and under graduate levels as well as providing direct field instruction to their students and later as a liaison.
In addition Bill has been an active workshop presenter over the years to many public and private agencies. He is currently also recognized by NASW and OASAS as an approved presenter whereby colleagues can earn continuing education credits. He has also provided workshops for companies and corporations in terms of their being able to achieve improved productivity, stress reduction, along with parenting issues. In addition, he is credited as an immediate responder where he was the coordinator of the Department of Education’s crisis response teams, was intimately involved in addressing the needs of those TWA and American Airlines employees impacted by the tragedies of flights 800 and 587. as well as many of the Long Island Rail Road’s engineers and conductors affected by various accidents.


Panic Attacks:
A 30 year old woman reported being in job jeopardy due to her experiencing of panic attacks as a nurse at work. Despite being on three separate antipsychotic medications by her psychiatrist these were beyond her control. After an intake which revealed she was also experiencing no more than fours sleep a night at two hour intervals. She further shared her boyfriend had broken up with her four months earlier. After providing havening to the breakup she felt tremendous relief. The next time she came in she also indicated a resumption of full uninterrupted sleep from 10:30 until 8:00 A.M.
Anger Management:
A 62 year old man had called requesting help for anger management issues as he was now in the process of being thrown out of his house by his wife. He indicated that he had already pursued this individually and in group with many top therapists in Long Island and NYC. When I suggested that perhaps I had a different approach that may be helpful, he somewhat reluctantly came in. After his assessment it was clear to me that he was harboring tremendous rage from the time he was 14 years old where he was victimized by peers due to his being of a different religion. After applying Havening that session he was almost disbelieving with the amount of relief that he immediately felt.
Anger Management:
Another 45 year old was referred to my domestic violence program. He was very upset as he was only doing this to comply with a court mandate that he felt was not appropriate. I decided to address his tremendous anger regarding the latter via Havening as I knew it would only help facilitate his better adjustment. During the process I also asked him to reflect back on an earlier memory that had aroused anger for him and immediately a memory of his brother being murdered came up. As that issue also was responsibly addressed the individual left with tremendous relief. He also became a staunch advocate of myself and went on to become a valued member of the 26 week program as well as society.
I conducted a workshop at the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce where a volunteer was Havened. Without my even knowing his precipitating problem which was highly disturbing for him we proceeded with Havening. Inside of 10 minutes, he reported that it no longer bothered him! He was so excited that he went on to share with the group that he had been on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center when it was hit. He therefore was finally able to release all that upset very quickly and easily. While that workshop was in April, 2014, I did run into the same person by coincidence five months later. He once again reported that he was no longer experiencing any of the previous symptoms: intrusive thoughts, interrupted sleep, increased anxiety and irritability.
A 55 year old male came to me after experiencing an almost near death medical tragedy. I Havened the upset of the medical trauma which subsequently resulted in a tremendous release of pent up anger and other emotions. The individual has subsequently been able to resume an even healthier and more emotionally fulfilling life.
A 31 year old male came in with his wife after they were victims of a serious car accident resulting in the deployment of six air bags and multiple sustained physical injuries. He already had five months of previous psychotherapy but was still experiencing most of the symptoms related to post traumatic stress: hypervigilance, premature braking, increased anxiety, and irritability. I did the Havening with both partners together which resulted in an immediate release and relief. She no longer experienced symptoms and her husband came back just one more time for another supportive session. On follow-up neither had their symptoms return.
A woman had reported experiencing sexual molestation as a seven year old by her doctor. After one session of Havening she was no longer experiencing the anxiety, intrusive thoughts, or panic attacks that this earlier incident promoted.
A woman was experiencing a great deal of grief following the unexpected death of her spouse. Following administration of the Havening protocol she was able to report feeling that she can manage her situation much better.
A 57 year old man came to me due to his continuing to experience intrusive thoughts and overwhelming anger when he discovered his wife having an affair. He was able to garner a great deal of relief from the Havening and went on to apply it for himself going forward.
Social Anxiety:
An 11 year old boy was referred due to his increased sadness and anxiety related to his peer involvement as he was being bullied by two others. After Havening, he was able to appreciate himself feeling more confident. Indeed the next time he came in both he and his parents reported he was feeling much happier and it appeared as if he was handling himself in a different fashion with his peers.
Clients have reported a very much reduced level of urge to use whenever they apply the self Havening. In addition, my experience finds that Havening is invaluable as a relapse prevention technique as we are able to clear out the original unresolved upset that has served to prompt the need to self medicate.
Performance Enhancement:
I have used Havening with students individually as well as have been hired as a consultant whereby I have worked in schools with classes of students teaching them how to self haven before exams. This has resulted in both reduced anxiety and improved performance.



Havening is a relatively new psycho-sensory treatment approach and the research on it is still being developed. It is not unusual that research tends to lag in conjunction with the development of new treatments due to costs involved and many other variables. EMDR, indeed, had similar challenges and is now regarded as evidence based. In fact, I have been certified in EMDR since 1996, and have consistently, on an anecdotal basis, found Havening to be more user friendly, quicker acting, and more supportive than EMDR. The other nice aspect of Havening is that it is easily learned and has been actively used by my clients in between sessions as a powerful self emotional regulation technique.

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