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Should I Return to the Work Place??

Many of us are being challenged with this major question. Some of us have come to realize and appreciate the benefits of working remotely: avoidance of dealing with annoying traffic, being able to spend more quality time with our family, feeling safe and healthy in our current environment, and even realizing improved productivity. Yet others miss the daily transition from home to work, have already become tired of being with bored children and annoying spouses, and miss the contact and camaraderie with fellow employees, and the inherent structure that is built in with one’s going to the work place. 

However, the reality is that we will be embarking on a new normal. A return to the office setting can very much look different than it once was. We may be submitted to socially distanced screening demands, reduced staffing, and working in shifts. The other likelihood is that we will be encountering “return COVID anxiety.” Will my work environment be safe to stay in? What precautions have been taken in terms of sanitization and cleanliness? Will I need or even want to wear a mask in our office setting?

Needless to say return to work decisions are yours to make. However, what happens to us if our employers demand for us to return? How do we deal with those added pressures? What about the inherent need for child care if camps and schools are still closed? 

Needless to say we are living in times of unchartered waters. I think it is helpful to be able to have meaningful talks with family and employers as we look to navigate these unsettled times.