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Alcohol and Substance


Stay clean for your family

We offer a DWI program that is recognized by Department of Motor Vehicles, the Courts and Probation

Have you suffered consequences due to your alcohol and drug use? It’s time to turn your life around. Protect the people you love with our prevention and relapse programs, providing treatment for both you and your family.

Don-t think you have a problem? Big or little, possible consequences include:

  • Negatively affecting relationships or work performance
  • Increased ability to drink or use more than in the past
  • Difficulties with self-control, as in amount
  • Failed previous attempts to stop
  • Memory problems
  • Difficulty admitting drug use is a problem

Be proactive about your health

Understand the risks you’re taking when you grab that bottle. We provide relapse and prevention strategies for your every need. Call now to find out more about successful therapy techniques.