Make Stress A Thing Of The Past

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Children and Teens

Children and Teens

Stressed out when taking exams?

Don’t let your intelligence go unnoticed. It’s common to get stressed out before taking an important exam, but not each and every time. Find methods to de-stress with our one-of-a-kind performance enhancement training strategies.

P.E.T.S. will provide you with proven test taking tools that will:

  • De-stress you
  • Improve your ability to focus and concentrate
  • Facilitate retrieval of previously learned information

Proven testing strategies to raise your exam scores

Are you getting test results that aren’t commensurate with your knowledge and preparation? It’s time for you to try the P.E.T.S. model. It’s easy, effective, and extremely user friendly. At the end of the day, your test scores will thank you.

Developed by our very own Bill Solz, P.E.T.S. has been used in the NYC school system for the past 10 years and praised by many educators.

  • A Kew Gardens principal reported that her school test scores increased from a percentile in the mid 70s to the 95th percentile in reading following the utilization of P.E.T.S. by her students over a seven year period. In addition, students have eagerly pursued using P.E.T.S. for their homework as they note how it has facilitated their concentration and focusing. This has resulted in their using less time to successfully complete their assignments.