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COVID and the Brain

The Corona Pandemic represents a major trauma that has impacted all of us. As in all traumas that we have experienced, they get lodged in a particular part of the brain called the amygdala. Sometimes referred to as our “emotional brain” it’s primary function is to serve to protect us. Besides its role as the storehouse for all of our disturbing memories, it is always on high alert, acting as a sentry, to determine if we are being exposed to any other pending threats. As such different sights, sounds, smells, thoughts, and feelings can trigger the original upset. Since trauma tends to velcro on top of other previously unresolved trauma quite often our current level of upset is only compounded. This also occurs because the amygdala is not time oriented in that the brain cannot separate out just the current upset we are experiencing but activates everything. That is why we may be experiencing heightened anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sleep related difficulties to name a few symptoms. Havening is the most effective treatment approach, I know, to address trauma.